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Fundación de Fomento Europeo



The Fundación de Fomento Europeo was founded on 18th June, 2007 in Barcelona, Spain.

The experience and maturity resulting from the nearly 20 year-long activity of the Parent Institution, Agrupación Española de Fomento Europeo, made it clear that it was necessary to create a Foundation, which would make it possible to further implement the activities that are been carried out and to extend them to new facets, so as to promote understanding among nations, individuals, and their Universal Values.


The purposes of the Fundación de Fomento Europeo are based upon the ideology of Agrupación Española de Fomento Europeo, which was set up in 1991 in Barcelona, Spain, along the lines and the spirit of the “Charter of Paris for a new Europe”, which was signed by the 32 European States and the United States and Canada, all of which are members of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE).

It is the aim of the Fundación de Fomento Europeo to continue and to extend, as much as possible, the task that the Agrupación Española de Fomento Europeo has been carrying out for over 15 years. Therefore, it endeavours to unite all the individuals of good will, with broadminded humanity -regardless of their country, language, ethnic group, religion, beliefs, ideology, etc,- who struggle to build a Europe that lives in peace, freedom, solidarity, and harmony, and who contribute to encourage and practice the values that bring us together.


The main goals of the Foundation, which does not serve political or economic interests, are the following:

  • To contribute to a greater rapprochement and integration of all the nations, cultures and ethnic groups of Europe.
  • To encourage the mutual exchange and knowledge among these, their cultures and traditions.
  • To promote, in Spain as well as throughout all the nations in Europe, the idea of "Europeanism" as a supranational value.
  • The implementation or promotion of activities intended to contribute to establish relations between the Spanish nation and other European nations.
  • To promote, encourage and protect cultural, sports, assistance and social institutions that endorse the rapprochement and integration of nations.

It will not be a requisite to implement the different activities simultaneously; rather, the Foundation will determine in each case what suits its interests better, in terms of its economic resources.


In order to achieve the purposes specified in the above section, the Foundation may organise all kinds of events, both on a domestic and international level, which will include the attendance of outstanding personalities from the fields of Arts, Sciences and Literature. Some of such events may include the following:

  • To organise and collaborate in different activities in the spheres of culture, sports, social and humanitarian activities, of a public as well as of a private nature, domestic and international, that might contribute to a greater rapprochement among nations.
  • To promote and institute scholarships, aids, or subsidise studies, works or activities pertaining to the purpose of the Foundation.
  • To announce contests, organise exhibitions, and to sponsor publications and studies.
  • To institute artistic, literary, scientific, and sporting awards, in addition to honours.
  • To promote any other activity intended to improve the goals stated above.

The Foundation will expand the mentioned activities and will include new services insofar as the social and cultural environments make them necessary, and in any case, in terms of its financial resources.


The foundational purposes of the Foundation focus generically on individuals, on groups and on private organisations, both domestic and international, who act in the social and humanitarian spheres. A few of these are mentioned below:

  • Cultural activities and visits: Intended for individuals, organisations and institutions, in general.
  • Scholarships: Granting assistance to individuals or organisations pertaining to the purposes of the Foundations.
  • Welfare: To create, sustain, and provide assistance to Institutions, Centres or Societies devoted to accomplishing any of the Foundation’s purposes.
  • Sporting competitions:  Particularly those focusing on promoting health and the rapprochement among nations.
  • Concerts and arts, science and literary competitions, as well as contests, exhibitions, funding publications and studies, with the purpose of promoting all aspects of culture. 
  • Conferences, courses, roundtables and seminars for individuals and corporations who are willing to enrich and expand their knowledge.
  • Social and human rights: Programmes for the elderly, for children, for the disabled and those intended to promote equality among the sexes.
  • Environment: Ecology awareness programmes.
  • Immigration: Aids to children, education, language learning, employment, etc.
  • Artistic, literary, science, sports and honour awards for individuals, organizations, foundations or institutions linked to the foundational goals.
  • Travelling to promote rapprochement: Establishing human contact with different cultures.

When determining who are to be the beneficiaries of the Foundation’s activity, the Board of Management will apply impartial and non-discrimination criteria.


The Fundación de Fomento Europeo (Fundación AEFE) is a Social, Charity and Cultural Institution with a vocation for cooperation and solidarity.  Its endeavours focus on human rights, the union of individuals, cultures and peoples. 

The Fundación AEFE bridges gaps in society, thereby favouring equality in a framework of aids aiming at rapprochement.

The Fundación AEFE strengthens the civic and moral values that are essential for coexistence in the old and new Europe, by reinforcing the uninfringeable and indisputable rights of individuals.



The Fundación de Fomento Europeo, to develop its activities has created two platforms:



                Chairman                                               Castellá de Cot, Jorge (*)
                Vice-chairman                                      Espinós Tayá, Andrés (*)
                Secretary                                              García-Mussons y de la Peña, Luis (*)
                Tesorero                                                Miquel Pujolriu i Giménez


Agrupación Española de Fomento Europeo
Calzada Vilaseca, Alberto
Castellà Sastre, Montserrat             
Castellanos Matarradona, Buenaventura
Coma Matute, José
Escura Viñuela Dr., Antonio de P.
Ferrer Sala, José
Flaqué Gri, Ernest
Fundación Privada Bosch Aymerich
Martín Cabré, Javier    
Molins Ribot, Casimiro         
Montoliu Rosell, Eduardo             
Parera Lluch, Alberto
Pintó Ruiz Dr., Josep Joan  (*)
Punsoda Bou Dr., Joaquim
Samaranch Torelló, Juan Antonio             
Trenchs Vallet ,Gerardo
Vallet Nubiola, Federico (*)

(*) Member of the Executive Committee


The headquarters of the Fundación de Fomento Europeo are located in Barcelona, on Ronda General Mitre, 200 entresuelo 1ª. 08006. Telephone: 0034 93 418 38 05

The field of action of the Fundación AEFE is Spain and by extension, all of Europe.


La Fundación de Fomento Europeo, was created on 18th July, 2007, with public document number 3.134 of its protocol, in the presence of Notary of The Catalonia College, Mr. Antonio Roselló Mestre, being on record its inscription in the Registry of Foundations of the Department, by Ministerial  Order on 4th December, 2007, with number 795 of The Foundations Chronological Registry.

La Fundación de Fomento Europeo, is recorded in the  Registry of Foundations of The Culture Ministry, Law 50/2002,  on 26th December, of Foundations, in The Regulation of Foundations of State Competence, approved by Royal Decree 1337/2005, on 11th November and The Regulation of The Registry of Foundations of State Competence, approved by Royal Decree 384/1996, on 1st March.

"The inscription puts up with its recognition by the State as a Private Juridical Entity, and due to the general interest of its aims".   

La Fundación de Fomento Europeo, is declared of  Public Benefit and the contributions have important tax deductions.

The economical conduct, is submitted, at the request of The AEFE Foundation , to independent revisions, which guarantees the adequate practicing and transparency.

CIF: G-64616725


if YOU WISH TO CONTRIBUTE WITH THE GOALS OF  the FUNDACION DE FOMENTO EUROPEO, you can make a donation  in the bank account of Caixa de Catalunya Nº 2013 0208 56 0200806926.

to be able to deduct donations, you should send us a  photocopy of the certificate of the donation given  to the social address of the Foundation (ronda general Mitre 200, entresuelo 1ª, 08006 Barcelona, spain.) or you can do it  by Fax:  0034 93 418 5132, with the name of the  individual or entity, that has made the donation,  Passport (the  adequate document if it is an entity) and the  respective  address.  right away,  we are sending you the corresponding receipt.

Thank you very much indeed.